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Convenient control and intelligent automation of your property

There is enormous potential in intelligent controlling and linking technology with devices inside of residences as well as commercial properties. One the one hand it improves the quality of life of those living or working here, and on the other effective energy use. 

All connected devices in your Smart Home are controlled remotely from a central unit . Demands such as "raise the blinds", "turn on the light", or "use solar energy" can be automated. Intelligent remote control respects the surrounding conditions such as sun position, time of day, or vacation-related absences of the occupants.

Intelligent solutions for more quality of life 

Joining forces with our partner Loxone we are implementing intelligent solutions for more quality of life at home and in the workplace. 

Loxone is the industry leader for smart home solutions. At the heart of a Loxone Smart Home is a green mini server in which all functions and tasks in and around the house are centered. The Miniserver Go is for anyone wanting to upgrade. 

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Wir planen für Ihre Immobilie (Neubau oder Bestand) die Vernetzung der gewünschten Funktionen mittels KNX-Bussystem und Funklösungen. Die ausführenden Handwerksunternehmen unterstützen wir bei Materialauswahl und Einbauplanung.

Take advantage of the strong partnership between SiT Global and Loxone for your optimal Smart Home Solution. 

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Upon entering a room general lighting switches on. Via just one button you are now able to control the entire lighting based on preassigned settings. Changing lighting creates the illusion of physical presence, should no one be at home. Lighting can therefore also become integral to your security system. 


There are many ways to save energy: intelligently combining heating and shading, targeted use of solar energy, automatic turning off of devices in standby mode or benefiting from clever electricity meters that discover energy saving potential.


Enjoy your favourite music in any room - and control it via app or button. The Multiroom Audio System is also suited as musical alarm clock, doorbell, or as acoustic signal in case of alarm. Imagine creating a soundscape for any mood and situation with the lightning and music within your Smart Home. 




You decide who has access when and at which point of entry through use of an electric door lock for a private or industrial building. However, these electronic, magnetic "keys" (so-called iButtons), can do a whole lot more: activate and deactivate an alarm system, turn lights on and off, and open the garage door remotely. 



Heating & Cooling

Enjoy perfectly temperature-controlled rooms by day and night. The intelligent heating- and cooling control system supervises temperatures individually in all rooms - of course in perfect collaboration with the shading function. It also considers your vacation days and physical absence. And on top of it all, the system maintains itself. 


In the morning you are no longer awakened by the alarm, but instead by daylight as the blinds are raised. If the sun is shining, rooms are heated to your desired temperature through solar power. In the case of stormy weather, marquees, blinds, and shutters are rolled into the safety position - as if by magic. 


A pool in your garden isn't just enjoyable, it also creates a lot of work. In your Smart Home you no longer have to maintain filters, temperature regulation, lighting, or the pH-control yourself - this is all done through intelligent control. And of course it will also handle the automatic pool cover. 


Even ventilation of living or industry spaces can be automated with the Smart Home. Fresh air is not just important for people, but also protects the building structure from dampness and mould. Intelligent ventilation control considers human presence, humidity, CO2-levels of air, time, and temperature. 


Your Smart Home provides support in any situation: the central mini server registers signals from door and window contacts as well as detectors, should you receive unbidden guests, or in the case of fire or water damage. In a worst case scenario, not only does the acoustic alarm sound, your house also draws attention to itself through flashing lights and raising the blinds. On top of this, notifications via email, call, or push notification are sent out. 


Power generation from the roof - photovoltaics are easily integrated in Smart Home systems. Should the equipment generate a surplus, then - for example - the washing machine or dishwasher is automatically started. Any excess after this goes into the network. The fundamental issue is therefore to optimize energy consumption. 


The electric car can be quickly and efficiently loaded. The Smart Home considers what time of day it is, the yields from the photovoltaic system, and the current electricity load of the property. The wallbox as charging station is suitable indoors (e.g. the garage), as well as in a covered outdoor area.