Mobile Engagement
Mobile Endgeräte jetzt besser nutzen und einbinden

Indoor Navigation Opens New Doors

Indoor Navigation Opens New Doors

Nearly everybody owns a mobile device today. Over a billion smart phones are in use around the world.

You can leverage this vast market for yourself with the right applications (Apps) and small hardware aids designed for mobile engagement:


  • for intelligent internal directions, location and orientation
    Provide your customers and guest with simple, easy to follow directions.
  • for transmitting personalized, location-based Push notifications
    Inform your guests. For example, about services in their area.
  • for location based services
    For example, pitch actual product information or special offers.

The App in Action (Video)

Mobile Engagement with Aruba and SiT Consult:

  • protect your guest and customer's privacy

  • determine precise data positions

  • targeted Push notifications tailored to the user's interests

  • immediately configured digital carts that hold their configuration

  • assists in understanding and analyzing the guest's behavior


Creating New Applications

Quickly and easily create suitable mobile applications (Apps) with the Meridian Content Management System, the Meridian Mobile App platform.

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Beacons: for precise indoor navigation and perfectly matched information

Easily inform and guide your customers and guest with apps and beacons. Just 47mm x 47mm x 16mm and weighing only 37.5g, these white beacons are the essential core of mobile data transmission. Guests simply opt-in one time (self service device onboarding) to activate the BLE function on their mobile device.

Our partner Aruba provides small wireless, low energy consumption transmitters (in USB or stand alone units) which transmit radio waves in regular intervals. They interface with iOS devices (iPhones or iPads from iOS27) as well as with android devices (smart phones and tablets). Their signal can be received at distances of less than ten centimeters and up to 60 meters.