Mobile Engagement
Mobile Endgeräte jetzt besser nutzen und einbinden

Mobile Engagement: Excitement through Digital Communication

As a business person you know that mobile accessibility and responsiveness will help you grow existing customer loyalty AND attract new customers. Service is key to accomplishing both goals and the latest trend is mobile engagement. By approaching your target customer over mobile devices (iOs devices, smartphones, tablets) and through the nearly unrestricted accessibility of social media, you can communicate the latest information and offers, provide quick assistance or custom-target potential customers.

Optimal Mobile Engagement Solutions for

  • hospitals, clinics and medical practices
  • Shopping centers, small and large supermarkets
  • Amusement parks, museums and attractions
  • Airports and other transportation hubs
  • Exhibition and event facilities
  • Hospitality businesses, hotels and resorts
  • Public and administrative authorities, universities and other public facilities

    Much more than classic advertising

    Together with our partner Aruba, a subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we provide mobile applications and the accompanying hardware for fast wireless internet operations.

    This advantage allows you to offer your customers and visitors

    • state-of-the-art indoor navigation
    • context-based marketing
    • personalized internet offers
    • a novel and innovative user experience


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    Indoor Navigation

    A classic for optimal customer management



    Managed WLAN/LAN

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