CRM - Customer Relationship Management
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Infor CRM: Optimizing your client relationships

  • You work from the office as well as when on the move? 
  • Your business or external service visits clients on site? 
  • Client relationships play a decisive part when making strategic business decisions? 

If you responded "yes" to just one of these questions, Infor CRMTM (vormals Saleslogix) might be the best choice to optimize on your client relationships. This powerful, award winning and high tech CRM-platform can be configured to any demand.  


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Product description  Infor CRMTM

Ten good reasons you should choose  Infor CRMTM

Custom-made client relationship management

  • Acquire new customers and provide first class customer service
  • Keep an easy overview of all your client information in business, marketing, customer service and support
  • Create client profiles for targeted sales campaigns 
  • Serve customers and client groups in optimal interaction with all departments and fields
  • React immediately to client requests and take advantage of all sales opportunities 
  • Merge your business' information with that of external sources
  • Integrated Reporting- und Analyse-Tools3: analyze your business' important performance indicators , recognize trends and make predictions; on top of this, Infor CMRTM Advanced Analytics can be a valuable basis for making valuable strategic business decisions
  • Can be integrated in office and business uses, e-marketing and social media.

Infor CRMTM Mobile4: more possibilities while en route 

  • numerous features are also available in mobile form
  • available while on- or offline 
  • interaction with device specific functions (maps/ navigation/ email/etc) 
  • no surcharges for Infor CRMTM clients
  • Mobile-Only-Infor CRMTM-license is also available for mobile use
  • a real competitive advantage for your sales force 

Test Infor CRM directly

Get to know Infor CRM, the comprehensive solution for business, marketing and support. You can spend as much time as you want on our demo sites - it's free and non-binding. 

Note: Business names, contact details etc may be displayed with a slight delay, as determined by the system. Data will be recalled faster, based on the number of elements and pages you visit or the more users you test simultaneously. 

Infor CRMTM Advanced Analytics5: making well-informed business decisions

  • via the integrated reporting and analysis function within the Analyse-Tool
  • top-performing yet easily learnable and user-friendly
  • pre-configured and completely integrated dashboards cover all CRM functions
  • valuable trend analysis and identification of success or risk probabilities for prompt productivity monitoring.

CRM Webclient

Your access to Infor CRM Webclient (CRM portal)

Username: lee

Password: 1234

CRM Mobile

Your access to CRM Mobile
(CRM Portal for access with mobile devices)

Username: lee

Password: 1234

CRM customer portal

You access to Inform CRM customer portal
(for Infor CRM customers)

Username: lee

Password: 1234




 Infor CRMTM is a product of Infor Deutschland GmbH.

1 You can find information regarding supported end devices and browsers in the Kompatibilitätsliste.
2 For 
CRM relevant analysis, data must be used by business, marketing or support and be connected to CRM data.

3 Mobile-Only-Licenses can be used exclusively or in combination with full name-user- and concurrent user license with the same implementation. In certain circumstances restrictions may apply. You can find information regarding supported end devices and browsers in the Kompatibilitätsliste. v8.x or higher version required. Downgrades to full Named-User- or Concurrent-User-Licenses are not possible. 

4 There may be additional fees for some analytical solutions. 

5 Advanced Analytics is only available for an additional fee and in connection to v7.5.4 or a higher version. Users of Advanced Analytics need to be licensed CRM users.