CRM - Customer Relationship Management
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CRM-Outsourcing: Cut costs, remain flexible, create scope

Let others work for you: outsource your client management. 

  • Create scope even in times of rising costs and competitive pressures.
  • Remain flexible and economize on personnel and material costs through operating your CRM systems. 

 Large corporation, mid-sized sector, and handicraft business:

We ensure that everything in your client relationship management runs seamlessly and you are always up to date with the newest technological standards. 

How may we assist? 

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All about CRM outsourcing services

  • Choose from our selection of services alongside your required hard- and software - we will gladly assist you. 
  • Our infrastructure services: 

    • hosting your applications in our state-of the art computer centre in Frankfurt am Main 
    • individual customization of software 
    • monitoring of operational applications 
    • back-up service
    • automated updates 
    • consistency testing of content and evaluation of data
    • regular service quality and quantity reports 

  • Profit from the highest security standards and put your mind at ease regarding your data security.
  • Your data exclusively belongs to you: You will always be in control of your as well as your customers data. 

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