CRM - Customer Relationship Management
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Optimize your CRM system

Effective and profitable client management is like a custom-made suit: individually tailored. Structures and processes have to fit with your company. 

If you think your CRM does not yet run smoothly or standardization falls short and essential market opportunities are wasted, it might be time for optimization. 

Product-neutral CRM Optimization


With our assistance you maintain control of your IT infrastructure and client relationship management processes. 

By doing so, your business remains competitive and ready for new challenges. 

Starting points of CRM optimization 

  • Do your defined goals match? 
  • Which customer-/target group is especially important to you? Can they be validated?
  • Are business processes adequately recorded?
  • Does the technical solution of the CRM system match the client relationship management goal?
  • Is data captured manually or automated?
  • Which connections exist with e.g. external sources or business systems? 
  • How do we utilize databases and CRM analysis? 
  • What are our security measurements regarding data security, data transfer etc? 

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